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9 JUL 2017


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[ FAQ ]

When is AIESEC International Congress (IC) happening?

We will be hosting International Presidents Meeting (IPM) on July 8, 2017. IC will take place from July 9-17, 2017. AIESEC Alumni International Congress (AAIC), will be held from July 8-11, 2017.

Where is it taking place?

In Cartagena, a colonial city on the north coast of Colombia.

What is the weather like in Cartagena?

Cartagena is a city on the Caribbean coastline, so it is summer all year round with hot days and sea breeze.

How can I get to the city?

Cartagena has an international airport so you can take a flight there from most capital cities around the world. The airport is just outside of the city, so the trip to the hotel is short.

Will there be another CC application round?

Not for now. Keep an eye on our Facebook group I want to be CC of IC Colombia 2017! to see if we open more application rounds next year.

When will the first delegate application round start?

In April 2017, so please keep visiting our website and social networks to be the first delegate to apply to the best event of the year!

Are LCPs allowed to go to IC?

This will be determined by AI entity per entity.

If I get approved, when should I arrive in Colombia?

Preferably, one day before the event starts but be aware we just provide pick ups at specific times on specific days.

Is the food included in the fee of IC?

Of course! What is Colombia without food? The fee includes accommodation, all meals, transport to special events and airport- hotel- airport.

Are there any particular facts about Colombian people that I should know before arriving?

Yes, we take a shower DAILY! We are very happy people and we normally have a lot of physical contact with people, even the ones we don’t know very well (for example: we greet other people with one kiss on the right cheek).

How much money should I bring to Colombia?

If you are staying more than the 9 days of conference, we suggest you to bring 350- 500 EUR. Of course your budget will depend on the places you plan to visit and how long are you staying. We are changing our bills so there are currently two different bills in circulation.

Where can I stay in Cartagena before and after event?

Cartagena is a tourist destination, so we suggest you to stay in a hostel, preferably inside the historical center. Book it after you have purchased your flight tickets! (review: or

What is the power outlet in Colombia?

You will need a power convertor! In Colombia the voltage is 120 V. ( Same as USA)

Is there any clothes regulations in Colombia?

No. In Colombia your are free to dress the way you want.