The Story of the Blue Water Lily

                                                                                             Story behind the logo!

By Upasana Ray


Centuries ago, a wise Hindu sage Valmiki had penned down a poem which today we know as the famous Indian Epic, Ramayana. The poem recites, very beautifully, the struggle of the divine prince Rama in the quest to rescue his wife Sita from the demon Ravana. A particularly interesting story in the epic revolves around the flower, blue water lily, also known as ‘Neel Kamal’ or ‘Neel Manel’. It goes that before the final battle between Lord Rama and Ravana, Rama went to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. He learnt that the goddess would be pleased if he could give her a 100 blue water lilies from around the world. So Lord Rama, in his quest to please the goddess, searched every nook and corner of the Earth but was only able to find 99 water lilies. He then offered one of his eyes, which resembled a blue water lily-to the Goddess. Pleased, the Goddess gave her blessings to Rama and also returned his eye!

This story doesn’t just talk about a certain incident from the great epic Ramayana, but actually speaks to us of the essence of a flower so beautiful and deep, that of the blue water lily.

Tranquil and soft in sight but with its roots reaching deep into the earth through layers of soil and mud, the blue water lily is not just a flower but a symbol of struggle, faith, and hope.

Today, as we are getting ready to welcome you to our land, we can find nothing more powerful to relate the story of AIESEC to than to the essence of the blue water lily, also the national flower of our country, Sri Lanka.

The blue water lily is an exquisite sight to behold throughout our humble island of Sri Lanka. With the first rays of the sun, the blue water lily opens its petals wide and faces the new day, strong and bright. It is symbolic of the hopes of our people, enduring pain and struggle, only to rise up in a glorious bright light.

With the blue water lily representing the biggest conclave of AIESECers from around the world, we only seek to help you live, feel and celebrate your journey in AIESEC and with it your endurance, your struggles, your moments of loss, faith, hope and wins.

Welcome to AIESEC International Congress 2019 in Sri Lanka, the land of the blue water lilies, of the story of breakthrough, hard work, and achievements, a land like no other…..

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