Conference Vision
Youth to champion Sri Lanka

AIESEC International Congress 2019 is going to be an event of all Sri Lankan Youth. Sri Lanka, a land of 2500 years of proud history, is yet to reach its full potential and its high time for Sri Lankan youth to shoulder the upliftment of Mother Nation. Through AIESEC International Congress 2019 we aspire to empower Local Youth and create platforms for them to actively engage towards the betterment of Sri Lanka.

AIESEC International Congress is the real soul of AIESEC, by welcoming 600+ youth from more than 120+ countries, Sri Lanka is giving a platform to connect and inspire the youth-led movement. Through this event, we want to encourage Sri Lankan youth to actively engage in global issues and with international youth to achieve the betterment of Sri Lanka and the world.

Sri Lankan youth will have an opportunity to build collaborations with international youth, and with the desire for freedom and imagination, young people will be able to participate in social change. AIESEC International Congress is the image of diversity and the place where inspiration, innovation, and unity happen which leave a mark on youth from all over the world and the local community in hosting country. Sri Lanka has confidence in youth, as youth changing the world in a moment, and that moment is coming in July 2019 in Sri Lanka!

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Conference Objectives

The purpose of this conference is to be the unique platform to the world network of AIESEC leaders to gather in order to drive initiatives, implement strategies and develop the leadership we need to achieve Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential.

Conference Theme
Ayubowan - ආයුබෝවන් - ஆயுபோவன்

Ayubowan is Sri Lankan greeting, wishing a long life. Sri Lanka is thrilled to welcome International Congress 2019 and wishes AIESEC and all the young leaders who will be the agents of taking the story of Sri Lanka to the world, a long life.

This island is home to a plethora of unique cultural elements, generations of warm people with deep-seated values and a glorious heritage which makes it Sri Lanka. Through International Congress 2019 we will let global youth live our culture, feel our values, and celebrate our heritage to ensure that these elements will live long in their hearts for times to come, as a genuine Sri Lankan experience.

Thus it's with heartfelt warmth we say #Ayubowan IC!, #Ayubowan Sri Lanka!

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Conference Movement

Our culture, being the core foundation of our existence and our proud heritage of 2500 years, embeds warm, deep-seated values in every Sri Lankan, making it a land like no other. AIESEC International Congress 2019 will flow around the three sensations, Live, Feel and Celebrate. Live our culture to experience its uniqueness, explore our values to Feel who Sri Lankans truly are, and Celebrate Sri Lankan Heritage for what it is.

Making Sri Lanka unforgettable to our guests will be accomplished through the movement #Live_Feel_Celebrate. Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country, with a jubilant diversified population, we will be passing the message of peace and longevity connected with our values, culture, and heritage.

We believe this movement will lead to tolerance, appreciation, and longevity of Cultures, Values, and heritages worldwide which will ultimately champion the cause of organization itself, Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential.

#Live_Feel_Celebrate #LiveOurCulture #FeelOurValues #CelebrateOurHeritage
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International Congress History

AIESEC International Congress is an annual event where young leaders from 120+ countries and territories come together to celebrate cultural diversity and youth leadership development.

The purpose of this conferences is to gather the leaders of the AIESEC network in order to co-create initiatives for youth and build strategies to create a better future.